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The passage of the 2018 US Hemp Bill legalized nationwide production and sale of hemp-originated extract products. Since then, the market has surged, and is on track to grow 49% per year to $22 billion by 2025. Topical products once available only in dispensaries are now legally purchased at supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, and online. 

The Pain Point

With the explosion of hemp products on the market, consumers are faced with an onslaught of hemp-related appeals and marketing messages, with little guidance in selecting products for quality, efficacy, or reliability.

The Cure

A best-in-class brand trusted for its commitment to performance and integrity, Cannaphyll has created a suite of skin and body care products using only premium US-grown hemp infusions suspended in a proprietary blend of organic plant concentrates.


Cannaphyll’s elegant, German-crafted, ultraviolet black glass jars and bottles are screen-printed with metallic accents and protected by durable, high-gloss black boxes embossed with teal foil. The simplicity of the design transcends trends and draws attention and focus to the Cannaphyll brand.


Cannaphyll is aggressively promoting to health-conscious, well-educated consumers with active lifestyles and higher-than-average incomes.

  • Active-Lifestyle Boomers
  • Fitness-Enthusiast Gen-X’ers
  • Mobility-Challenged Seniors
  • High-Performance Athletes
  • Chronic Pain Sufferers


Cannaphyll is poised to achieve 50% annual growth per product through a comprehensive omni-channel marketing strategy that harnesses exceptional data and best industry practices. As new products are introduced to the line-up quarterly, the emphasis will remain on providing top-tier, rapid-response, hemp-derived topicals, elegantly packaged, at a variety of price points. 

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